Colt 1911 Dragon .38 Super Limited Edition Pistol (1 of 500)





The popular western image of a dragon as winged, four-legged, and capable of breathing fire is an invention of the High Middle Ages. In western cultures, dragons are portrayed as monsters to be tamed or overcome, usually by saints or culture heroes. In China, the word “dragon” has also come to be associated with good fortune. The emperor of China was the only one permitted to have dragons on his house, clothing, or personal articles. In Mexico, a feathered serpent deity has been worshipped by many different groups. Mexican winged serpent motifs are frequent.

In 2004, TALO produced two limited edition versions of the Colt Dragon in .45 caliber. Their updated Dragon Model is based on Colt’s O2091, a full size government pistol in .38 Super caliber. Production is limited to 500 specially serialized units. MEX001-MEX500.

The stainless slides and fames are initially polished. The intricate dragon design is selectively plated with 24k gold, copper and silver and highlighted with deep etched black lines. The barrel is polished at the chamber to complement the slide finish.

The hammer, slide stop, barrel bushing, thumb safety, and mag release are all high polished. The hex style grip screws are polished and coated in 24k gold.

Grips are an alternating dragon scale pattern with an embedded gold rampart Colt medallion.

Firearm Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Colt
  • Model: 1911 Dragon Limited Edition (1 of 500)
  • Caliber: .38 Super
  • Barrel: 5″; Polished at Chamber to Compliment Slide Finish
  • Overall Length: 8.5″
  • Finish: Polished Stainless with 24k Gold Copper & Silver Plating
  • Grips: Alternating Dragon Scale Pattern with Embedded Gold Rampart Colt Medallion
  • Magazine Capacity: 9

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