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Welcome to Colt Firearms Shop, you're sure to discover a wide variety of Colt firearms for sale. Our gun sales include Colt firearms of the past and present like the Colt Python, Colt Cobra, Colt 45, Walker Colt and, of course, the Single Action Army (aka the Peacemaker). Colt firearms are for sale here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so feel free to stop in time and time again. Colt revolvers, pistols and rifles are made available, as are hard-to-find special editions and custom firearms. We also have Colt parts and accessories being added regularly, so bid on, buy brand new Colt firearms today!

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Colt's Manufacturing Company was founded by inventor and industrialist Samuel Colt in 1836. Mr. Colt is credited by many as popularizing the revolver, and his work, vision and guidance can be felt in just about every Colt firearm for sale here at More than 400 Colt pistols and long guns have been created since Colt first made its mark on the weaponry industry, and many of the most famous firearms were used by troops in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and in Vietnam. Since 2002, Colt's Manufacturing Company has produced guns that primarily serve civilians, while its other company, Colt Defense, has served law enforcement and the military.

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More than 170 years of Colt history can't be explained in just a few sentences, so if you're interested in learning more about that and the Colt firearm models that have been part of it, like the classic Colt 1911, don't hesitate to visit the Product Center. There you can find detailed information about Colt parts, specs and accessories, as well as images. Buy Colt firearms online from us today.